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LED and Projection Backdrops for
In-Camera VFX

Easily Create Realistic Reflections 

Recreate a moving subway on a stage

Video backdrops are seen in-camera, providing real reflections of the backdrop in things like glass or water, and natural lighting.
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Get better reactions from talent
Shoot vehicle scenes safely in a studio with more creative control than you've ever had before. Change scenery outside the window of a set at the touch of a button. 

Show Reel

Show Reel
In addition to building LED backdrops on your stage, we also offer a turn key LED studio available for bookings in Brooklyn, NY
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LED Studio - Brooklyn, NY 

Full Service LED Studio, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
  • 265 x 2.3mm LED Tiles in a highly configurable arrangement

  • Disguise Media Servers

  • Highly Qualified Operators

  • 1600 Square foot facility featuring 18' ceilings and a large roll up door for vehicles and large set pieces.

  • Camera Tracking and Real Time Rendering Available Upon Request

Brooklyn LED Studio

Operated by 



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